Vital Training: January 2024

A Certificate Program in Psychedelic-Informed Practice, Harm Reduction, and Integration

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Master the elements of psychedelic practice and become part of a community of professionals on their mission to provide safe, ethical, and effective treatment and integration, beginning April 2022.


We packaged everything you need to know into five core modules covering psychedelic history and research, clinical science, the art of spaceholding and navigation, personal transformation, and integration. Each comprehensive module spans eight weeks of specialized lectures led by expert faculty and reading groups to deepen your understanding.

No amount of learning can make up for first-hand experience with holotropic states. Deepen your understanding of psychedelics and reignite your transformation by attending one of the four experiential retreats conveniently offered throughout the year in the United States and abroad.

The deeply experiential nature of the course supports your growth as a practitioner and gives you everything you need to set up your psychedelic practice from the ground up. Whether you’re a psychotherapist, coach, facilitator, mental health, or complementary health practitioner, you will join a thriving community of specialists to support your mission.

Vital Curriculum

Core 1: Overview of Psychedelics and Research
Begin your journey with an overview of the rich historical and cultural landscape of psychedelics. Discover the philosophies and practices from Indigenous traditions and ancient Greece all the way through the early research years to the current resurgence.

Core 2: Medical Overview of Psychedelics and Clinical Evaluation
Root your psychedelic practice in the latest clinical models for safe and effective treatments, including medical assessments and current neuroscience models.

Core 3: Psychedelic Therapies
Understand the legal boundaries of psychedelic therapy while shedding light on the transformative potential of psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, ayahuasca, DMT, and cannabis in treating depression, PTSD, trauma, addiction, and more.

Core 4: Spaceholding & Navigating the Psychedelic Experience
Learn the art of skillfully preparing and guiding a psychedelic journey by mastering the elements of set and setting, music, trauma-informed approaches, breathwork and bodywork, mystical experiences, and spiritual emergence.

Core 5: Psychedelic Integration & Therapy
Expand your understanding of integration and make space for transformation to unfold through complementary approaches like Jungian archetypes, somatics and embodiment, transpersonal psychology, Internal Family Systems, and more.

Summer & winter breaks: Experiential retreat and electives
Personalize your journey through the course by studying the elective modules that inspire you, and attending one of the four in-person experiential retreats offered by our team.

Final project and Certification

To graduate, you will be required to create and present a personal project that showcases how your learning resonates through your personal, professional and/or spiritual future.

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