What Are Psychedelics?

Nick Sand, subject of a recent 2016 documentary, "Sunshine Makers", was a psychedelic pioneer who produced more LSD than perhaps anyone else in history. He passed away early Monday, April 24th 2017

"The highest use of psychedelics and the empathogens is for finding love, beauty, joy, ecstasy, unity, and integration. This search for our essential inner perfection and Godliness is the spiritual search. When these substances are used this way, they are used for the highest good. Then they are sacraments, and we can call them entheogens. We must never forget, no matter how much disinformation is spread, that these substances are inert, innocent materials. It is we who interact with them and confer the variety of qualities that we attribute to them. It is we who have the choice to malign, terrorize, or scandalize them. It is also we who have the choice to treat them with the respect due to a gift from existence that can help in our search to find ourselves. And in doing so, to find the glory of love and illumination." - Nick Sand - Sunshine Makers